well i have to shut this computer because i’m waking up at 7 and i have to start packing for real so goodnight!!

outbrk said: helioptile!

aw SWEET i love helioptile

i love following lots of people

i love when they post about something specific they’re interested in and know a lot about, i end up learning cool things about all sorts of stuff i never would have known about and i love seeing people all excited about stuff they’re passionate about it’s great


Reblog if you want your followers to put the Pokémon they think Best Represents you into your ask box.image

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i’m still the creator of this deviantart group that i don’t do anything with

sorry everyone i’m affiliated with i’ve literally never done anything with this group, i’m the actual worst

to be fair i didn’t ever want the group

although i probably should have at least figured out how to pass it off to someone else because people send messages asking for promotion and i don’t ever do anything about them

i never wanted this group

why did i ever think for the five seconds it took me to make a group that i wanted a group

i pretty much instantly realized i didn’t know how to run it

my apologies to everyone else who has ever been involved and who cared

if any of you care about the Cartoonimals group on deviantart please explain to me how i can give it to you so i don’t keep ruining it for people who want to use it and want it to be real

i can’t stop listening to we throw parties you throw knives

i’m also having some sort of problem

the personal crisis part of the problem has been drowned out by me wondering what the hell this problem is, before i was wondering what my problem was about other things and it turned into not knowing how to explain it and now i can’t explain this

it’s causing me physical pain in my chest and i think anxiety is a factor and also i’m possibly making it hard to think by listening to music over and over because all of this music sounds astoundingly good right now, in contrast to basically everything else about whatever the hell this problem is

what IS this

thankfully it’s probably ending

everything i do and say seems to come with paragraphs of explanation

i wish i were more concise

in other news i don’t feel like making a separate post for this because that’s Too Many Posts, but

i am going back home tomorrow for four days before going on a road trip to North Carolina to see the same relatives again, except this time they’ll be on vacation too and we’ll all be staying in a house we’re renting together for like a week

we’re all supposed to get our own beds which is a miracle and i won’t believe it until the first day is over, because i’m confident there’s a catch somewhere in here, or that something won’t work out and i’ll have to give up my bed

but even so north carolina will probably be nice, i like the mountains and maybe it will be less hot and humid than alachua florida

i’m gonna enjoy that michigan weather though for the four days i’m back, it was really nice and hopefully it still is really nice

this ended up kind of tying back in with the first two sentences, this is not information anyone needed to know; why don’t i just have a dang diary

i’ve been refreshing this webcomic for the past couple hours why isn’t it updating

oh yeah my blog was born three years ago today



Pokemon Amie - Slurpuff

Requested by Anonymous

sad but true: hawlucha is a great hm pokemon

mine knows cut, rock smash, fly, and strength

if you’ve got a hawlucha and a surf/waterfall pokemon you’re all set

i kind of like that because that means my hm pokemon can be a really cool looking one, also because usually i’ll pick one to teach hms to and then it’ll turn out that they can’t learn one of them for some reason and i’ve just ruined a pokemon

i really like the art style of pig goat banana cricket and i’m hoping it will be good just based on that

the pilot wasn’t bad as far as i can remember so maybe i’ll like it? despite the fact that i don’t like anything else nickelodeon has put out recently


Mew mew, a rather catty stationary set appears!

Each set includes 5 sheets (1 of each design), 5 circle stickers (1 of each design), and 5 envelopes. You can choose from kraft or black envelopes too, and the stickers are kiss-cut! The set will come packaged as shown too /v\

You can get these at my Storenvy!

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