well it is three am and i am all emotioned out, i’m so sorry about all that but i am feeling better now and i am going to go to bed now, i’ll try to post more art and stuff in the upcoming days! goodnight

i showed crocodile chop to my boyfriend. he said it made him feel uneasy

i kept trying to show my relatives and parents space monkey mafia but none of them would even listen to it

5naf is friking scary ugh ugh i think that is the player at the end

yeah i went back and read the artist of that comic’s blog for the answer and apparently that is what happens, foxy puts the player in a safe costume so they can play games? like that’s cute i suppose, i don’t get why the fox is drawn so unrobot-y other than for cuteness sake and the comic was really hard for me to get but it’s cute enough, like it’s nice since the game itself is so disturbing

hey, i hope ranting about it helped…:( hugs u

thank you

i’m hoping that maybe tomorrow i’ll feel better, i think i’ve been making it worse by thinking about it at all instead of letting it nag at the back of my mind

edit: i’m feeling a bit better now, sorry about this

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i don’t understand that cutesy 5naf comic where the fox and freddy play video games at the end

is the freddy at the end the player character shoved in the suit?? because freddy is wearing the guy’s hat in that panel

or is it the telephone guy shoved in the suit?? who is that guy??? did foxy sacrifice whoever it was to freddy and then they played some video games????

you should start small! finish a comic that’s only a few pages. it will make making longer comics easier

that sounds like a good plan, maybe i’ll try something simple first

i keep telling myself i’m gonna do a comic and then i get too scared but i gotta do a comic it’s gonna be garbage but i gotta do a comic

schedule: mail thing tomorrow, go to zoo, do some drawing at zoo, get back and take half hour break and then work on script for comic, plot out layouts for first few pages perhaps or do some concept work, maybe start a concept blog and if i post less than one thing a week i’m in trouble

i think i made a mistake today but they’re nothing i can do about it so i’m blasting music really loud to try and forget about it

i don’t even know what this character’s personality is supposed to be
isn’t the drummer traditionally a jerk though

i don’t even know what this character’s personality is supposed to be

isn’t the drummer traditionally a jerk though


i am 0% the person i was three years ago and i would probably get in a fight with 2011 me

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YEAH neil’s got some posters listed on his shop website that are listed as coming soon, it’s a set that includes a mouth sounds and a mouth silence poster that’s 25 dollars and you can have them signed too if you want

i made a read more post a couple days ago and tagged it with blood, injuries, and tmi

and then later i realized that if you didn’t click it, it really sounds like there’s some super gross picture underneath

in actuality that was a text post about how i got a minor injury on my toe from accidentally kicking a cabinet while trying to kick my dog’s toy for her

i probably over-tagged a little

emilylikesaliens replied to your post “man i kind of want those mouth sounds/silence posters really badly …”

i am so glad you are into mouth sounds nobody i show it to understands

oh man i am lucky to have a good couple friends who really enjoy mouth sounds and mouth silence but a lot of people i’ve shown it to either didn’t get the joke or refused to listen to it, i hope you find more people who understand soon, mouth sounds is so much fun to listen to with people