woke up feeling really sick and crushingly sad and aware of my situation

hopefully i will feel better in a couple hours

on the plus side this vacation will probably be good, even though i think i might have to share a bed with my sister which i absolutely do not want to do at this point in time to the point where i’m getting upset, but hopefully i’ll feel better about it when it isn’t 6:32 AM anymore

:| about to road trip

everyone’s miserable and i feel sick but maybe something good and fun will happen and we won’t hate each other

IM NOT THE ONLY ONE OMG! It’s quite a mystery though…there’s almost nothing on my ipod and it does that, so it’s probably not the memory

so it’s either the MP3s or itunes is just horrible

it didn’t fix it to delete photos and videos

guess it’s time to redownload these songs again, aaaughh

why does itunes ruin some mp3s

like it’ll say the song is 4 minutes or whatever like it’s supposed to be

but at 2 minutes and 40 seconds into the song it’ll abruptly stop and skip to the next one

and if you go back and drag the little scroller past 2 minutes and 40 seconds it will skip to the next song again

why is this

is my ipod too full? do i delete more photos to make this work

i’m trying to virtually recreate the experience of using those fluorescent crayola markers i loved in elementary school

i used to love their names, they really captured my imagination

battery-charged blue was my favorite

i want to make a shiny charm and an egg charm too because those are super cute and i love how they work in the game

cleffa’s design is incredible

clefairy is my favorite out of that particular line but i have a whole lot of respect for cleffa’s design

i made a list of bands because i like making lists

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i had a dream that i zapped a mutant kacheek and it turned into a transparent mutant kacheek

which for some reason meant that someone shoddily filled its body in with pink in MS paint

it was otherwise the same pet

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friend n i were talkin about dragon riders from other areas in HTTYD universe and i really wanted a bedouin-inspired kinda dragon rider n we liked the idea of these countries/peoples having tamed dragons long ago

Faizal is a young hunter and wannabe-explorer that loves flying with his sandskimmer, Firethroat. Sandskimmers live up to their names—they fly long distances without difficulty and they typically keep close to the ground. Young ones often collide into sand dunes when learning how to fly.


Tweetiel —> Crestiel

Normal / Flying

Artist: Cerulebell

i found one of my favorite songs from early high school again and put it back on my ipod

i figured it was illegal to not draw your fursona as an anthro at some point

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