I hate iv breeding, i keep forgetting if i’m breeding for attack or special attack pokemon and i just wondertraded a bunch of basically perfect bunearies because i forgot that i WANT the attack iv and not the special one

i finally hatched a shiny pumpkaboo, so i fulfilled my goal of hatching one before halloween

now i have no goals

i should probably start breeding some more stuff to use for battling instead of getting side tracked with shiny hunting


on the one hand I kind of understand why they took trainer customisation out for ORAS - because you’re playing as characters already defined as characters by ruby and sapphire. They probably wanted to keep them consistent with their old merchandise and appearances

but that doesn’t excuse it, though. I seriously think it would have been better to just scrap the old trainers and make new ones to be able to keep the customization in. Or just leave it in anyway so people can change the characters skin tones. Disappointing.

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rhinestone eyes and plastic beach are my favorite gorillaz songs


hmu when people stop calling anything they find visually pleasing ‘porn’

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wait HERE it is

i forgot that the only version left is has this poor of quality which is hugely disappointing, oh well though I guess

i lost the link to the rob schrab music video for crooked teeth and can’t find it so i have a feeling it got taken down

and YET

the animatic for the video is on the official death cab youtube



I got “Dipper’s and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun” in the mail today, and it is one heck of a great book. There are secret messages all throughout it that are written in the newest symbol cipher:image

And I just finished decoding them all. Holy crap you guys. I’m putting em under a cut, they’re really intense.

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The community releases balloons into the sky in remembrance of VonDerrit Myers.

Thursday, October 9th

Story is gonna change about 358535 more times

next week we’re gonna find out he has an invisible cloak 

update on Shaw incident

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All the details you need to know about the newest Megas are right here.

Mega Beedril and Pidgeot revealed



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im confused at how showing support is appropriation when other people have asked for tumblr to spread the word of whats going on. I know not everyone of a certain race/culture is on the same wavelength but ive never heard of support being appropriati

I’m pretty sure it has to do with the tendency for white people to not want to acknowledge our own privilege? Like I want to be super careful to not do the thing where i go ‘white people are horrible’ and then act like i’m not receiving societal benefits from being white regardless of how aware i try to be of issues, as if i’m one of the “good ones” or something. The “i’m white tag” as i understand it is acknowledgement that I’m part of the problem due to white privilege and have to keep actively checking myself and learn more so as to not behave in a way that hurts POC.

Generally though if POC tell me i’ve screwed up on something race related, I try to listen and fix it to the best of my ability. Even if i don’t see or can’t tell exactly how something I’m doing is hurting someone, I feel like that is probably because I’m in a position of privilege and need to actively learn more

but yeah they want people to spread information around, they just wanted me to tag it so that I’m not appropriating their struggle, i agree that i should have done that in the first place